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Dispute Resolution

In SME’s and owner managed businesses disputes with suppliers, contractors or clients can lead to catastrophic outcomes.

The impact on smaller businesses is often disproportionate to the sum involved. They can be time consuming, interfere with the running of the business and, end up costing money.

While no one in business plans to become involved in a dispute, often the inevitable arises.

Amongst the main reasons for this are:

  • You have a customer who won't pay or can't pay
  • You have not received the service you paid for
  • You have not provided the service your customer expected

Dallas & Co’s strategy is always to help you resolve the dispute as early in the process as possible. Adopting a personal approach to understanding your priorities is important to this.

Advice based on a thorough knowledge of the law and over 30 years of experience helps set expectations and create a strategy.

In nearly all cases we avoid going to court (which often ends up costing you more than the dispute is worth), preferring mediation or arbitration to reach a commercial solution, which will enable you to concentrate on running your business.